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We have created this blog to help Australian immigrants help with all their visa and permanent residency needs by contributing our own insights in this area as well as pointing you in the right direction to help you save time and money.

Australian Government Department of Immigration

australian department of immigration
Right off the bat, the best source of information for all migrants that include all visa applications would be the Australian Government Department of Immigration website. Also be sure to check out Australian Immigration department’s YouTube channel with many interesting videos in many different languages too! Great content and here is one example where they talk about employing legal workers in Australia

Australian Department – Fair Work Ombudsman

fair work ombudsman australia
As far as the employment law it is mostly concerning people who had already arrived or were born in Australia and hold a full or part time job. This is much more about protecting your rights as a worker, protecting your entitlements such as hours of work, pay and conditions. For this, you best bet is to go to so called Fair Work Australia Ombudsman where they list among many things 10 National Employment Standards that are a minimum set of rules that every employer in Australia is obligated to comply with. These rules came into being around 2010 and are a guiding standard for all employees.

Their YouTube channel is also full of informational videos, be sure to check it out and if you subscribe to it you will be able to get notified as soon as new videos on employment matters is published. They also have program in most immigrant languages. Here is such video in Employing staff in Australia